Welcome to SVIB Vibration Days 29 – 30 September 2020 at Epiroc in Örebro!

Vibration Days 2020 in brief
– Interesting lectures in vibration and acoustics
– Exhibition with instrument suppliers and products for acoustic and vibration solutions
– Guidance and presentation of Epiroc facilities
– Good forum for discussions in everything concerning vibrations, also acoustics
– Evening entertainment with good food and drinks
– Nice socializing and good opportunity to meet profiles in vibration industry

Program           SVIB Registration

If you would like to register as a speaker, exhibitor or if you have any (detail) questions about the program, please feel free to contact below.

Contact Speaker
Marina Brandt
Phone: +45 42 74 20 73
Email: BrandtMarina@hotmail.com

Contact Exhibitor
Jani Huhtala
Phone: +46 709 699 370
Email: jani.huhtala@norsonic.com


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